This e-book represents a sampling of poems written over the course of a quarter century. Most are written in free verse, some in more traditional forms, but all reflect an attention to clarity and craft. The resulting work feels accessible to readers, while evoking an emotional response.

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In this e-book of short stories, the author explores the vicissitudes of daily life with humor, pathos, and sensitivity. With themes ranging from jealousy and insecurity to love and loss, these stories reveal the deeper reverberations of seemingly ordinary experience.

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This collection of columns first appeared in the Newton TAB and other affiliated newspapers from September 18, 1997 to June 22, 2000. The columns run the gamut from humorous takes on life in suburbia to more serious reflections about political and cultural trends. While written for a local audience in a pre-9/11 world, these essays nonetheless engage the reader with universal concerns and truths.

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Website is a website for women who are considering whether or not to have reconstruction after a mastectomy and for those who have already decided against reconstruction and want to learn how to live breast-free.


The BreastFree Blog provides a place to explore the practical and emotional issues involved in living without reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Famosity features essays from 2005 to 2009 on topics ranging from culture and politics to sports and health, with an emphasis on not taking oneself too seriously.

There are an infinite number of things to worry about, from the catastrophic to the trivial and What, Me Worry? aims to cover them all.